Phoenix Lettings

Phoenix Lettings forms part of the Dunraven Educational Trust and we offer a range of modern and affordable facilities to hire across all of our Schools.

We already have a number of charitable and local businesses using our premises, hiring our school facilities enables them to access the wider community and equally the lettings financially benefits our schools.

At the start of this academic year children returned to a newly refurbished 3G Astro Turf pitch at The Elmgreen School. This is a great achievement that will benefit both the students and the community already belonging to existing football clubs being delivered outside of hours at this school.

Phoenix Lettings are proud to be supporting and promoting these organisations in being able to provide a range of activities to local communities, these include Tuition, Fitness & Heath, Religious Activities and more.

We very recently supported a local charity in delivering a 9 week parenting group at our Dunraven School which offered places to parents of the school and the wider community.  

We recognise that wellbeing is extremely important and therefore we are particularly interested in local businesses that want to have a positive impact on the children and their families belonging to our Schools. We also want to provide an educational yet safe, familiar and accessible environment for families and therefore any lettings are carefully considered with this in mind.

We also have the ability to offer a number of bookings to members of the community wanting to improve their own physical health, our Multi Surface Games Areas (MUGA) can be used for friendly 5-5 aside games amongst other types of well-suited activities. .

If you would like to take part in supporting our local communities and hiring first class facilities please do get in touch via our website:

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