Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - School Closures and Arrangements

Posted on: 24 Mar 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - school closure and arrangements from Monday 23 March 2020

Update Tuesday 24 March: 

For information.  Goldfinch Primary is now closed until further notice and those children requiring provision have been accommodated at Dunraven School.  Dunraven's South Site (Secondary) will be closed from the end of Tuesday 24 March, with Secondary students being accommodated in the Sixth Form building on the North site.  Dunraven's primary provision remains open.  Children at Van Gogh Primary are now all based at the Mostyn site; the Hackford site will close from the end of Tuesday 24 March.    Those families affected by this, or requiring access to Free School Meals, will be contacted.   We will continue to monitor the situation and will update provision as required in line with Government advice and staffing situation.

Thank you to our staff teams and families for your continued support.


As you will be aware, all schools in the UK 'closed' at the end of the day on Friday 20 March.  The Headteachers of each of our schools have made contact with families who are 'Key Workers' and/or our most vulnerable children to confirm the arrangements for provision from Monday 23 March 2020.  Any questions should be directed to your child's school through the usual channels. 

Whilst staffing allows, we will continue do what we can to support those most in need. 

We do remind all families that children should only be sent to school if it is absolutely critical. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should do so in line with government expectations. 

We would like to thank all of our staff team, who have been working extremely hard through these difficult times, and to our families for their support. We are particularly grateful to those staff able to be available onsite. We will continue to work hard to support our communities as best we can.