Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Trust Schools Update

Posted on: 03 Apr 2020

Our school provision is now operating from Dunraven’s North site where Dunraven’s primary phase is based. Goldfinch and Van Gogh have joined Dunraven’s children and they are now learning together.  Goldfinch and Van Gogh primary schools are closed for the time being. Secondary students are working in the Sixth Form building next door.  

Thank you to all of our staff for their dedication and hard work during these challenging times. Thank you too to families for the messages of support; your ‘thank you’ messages mean more than you know. And thank you to those students who have made the best of this difficult situation, especially Years 6, 11 and 13; maintaining a daily timetable, working hard, reading often, exercising, keeping in touch (virtually) with friends, having some fun - and staying at home is the best way to cope at the moment.

We’d like to offer a formal ‘thank you’ to our catering, premises and cleaning teams who continue to ensure that we can maintain our offer for our Key Worker and vulnerable children and to provide food for those children most in need. As long as the supply chain allows, we will provide fresh food through our caterers and continue to do what we can to support those families eligible for Free School Meals with lunches. Families eligible for Free School Meals will be able to pick up supplies from their ‘home’ school site.

We have confirmed directly with those families eligible for their children to attend school the provision arranged for the Easter period. Thank you to so many of the Trust’s school staff who offered their time and will give up their ‘holiday’ to make this possible.   

As we move forward and understand better what things will be like after the Easter break, we will make contact with families again to update you.

Please do check in on the school and Trust twitter feeds and websites for the latest news of what our children and staff have been getting up to. 

We wish all our school community a safe and Happy Easter.